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What are we drinking?

Welcome to your home of boutique wine, beer, cider and whisky from Tasmania, Mainland Australia and New Zealand.

State of Wine welcomes you to a shopping experience that will deliver to you not only great wine, beer and cider from small artisanal growers and producers, but an engaging social and educational journey. Some of the wines, beer, ciders and whiskies you discover here may be from the East Coast in Tasmania or Martinbourough in New Zealand. Their place in State of Wine is driven by our own experiences in our home State of Tasmania, where we grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, make world class Sparkling wines, and enjoy a dram or two of Single Malt Whisky.

Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media we invite you to engage, share and excite us and the community with your drinking revelations. What wine are you drinking now, and where? Which craft beer did you have last night, and with whom? Have you sipped Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky at the top of Cradle Mountain in winter?

Share, care and inform State of Wine what you are drinking, eating and where in the world you are doing it. There is a very real chance that your wine, beer or cider will end up on our pages with your review attached, enabling us to broaden access to consumers about the quiet, hidden offerings that lie in the valleys, ranges and river systems of your backyard.

State of Wine – What State are you in?

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